"Do You HATE Your Business?"

Yeah, I said it. And because you’re still reading this, you know it’s true. You despise your customers, you want to fire your employees, you hate that you have to work 7 days a week 12 hours a day putting out fires.And the most fucked up part? YOU BUILT this damn prison! Listen - it doesn’t have to be this way.

Click On The Video Below To Discover how you can escape "Business Hell" in 7 weeks....guaranteed.

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Business Owner: Are You Struggling The Following Areas?

  • You feel like your business, hell your life, is a deck of cards - if you were to get sick, the whole thing would come crashing down. You worry about the future of your business all the time.
  • You feel frustrated all the time and feel like you might explode. In fact, you’ve already “exploded” on those closest to you (i.e. your family and friends).
  • The stress of running your business is destroying your health. You know that the mountain of stress you feel everyday if left unchecked can literally kill you.
  • You DREAM about somebody with $$$ swooping in and buying your business for millions….but deep down knowing it ain’t worth shit. Who would want to buy into this damn life trap sucking away at your soul. And you used to LOVE this company - I mean, you built it? What happened?
  • You want to change things - but don’t know where to start. Hell, you don’t even have time to eat dinner with your family. You don’t know who to call or who to Trust.
  • You’re burnt out - that black tiny piece of bacon that stuck in the pan for 45 minutes frying - yeah, that’s you, except more fried.

I Know This Sucks.

I've been there

The Good News? You're Not Alone.

"Grow, Sell, or Die" is an
Exclusive Mastermind for Business Owners Only

"No more going it alone, no more putting out dumpster fires in your business.  With our help, you'll find start working ON your business (instead of just working in it!)"

Imagine If This Was Your Life....

  • You're able to eat meals and relax without trying to squeeze in an extra sales call over lunch.
  • No more dealing with employees showing up late, showing up drunk, or even stealing from you!
  • You FINALLY take that vacation with your family WITHOUT your laptop! Seriously - 10 days without checking your email, taking calls, or managing your team. Instead you teach your son how to catch walleye the way your dad taught you.
  • You're able to take your wife out on a date WITHOUT constantly being interrupted by your phone.
  • No more robbing Peter to pay Paul - you finally have the time to focus on the BIG issues like increasing sales, proving more value, and increasing your prices!
  • You're able to set aside 2 hours a day to take care of your most valuable asset - YOU! Hitting the gym, meditating for 30 minutes, walking the dog for 45 minutes WITHOUT feeling guilty or that you're neglecting your business.

Who We Are

Antonio Centeno

Marine Corps Veteran and
Founder of Real Men Real Style

Hi, I’m Antonio Centeno, founder of A Tailored Suit, Mens Style Advice, and co-founder of High Speed Low Drag.

John, Tom and I created High Speed Low Drag and our premium mastermind High Speed Elite by leveraging our experience as entrepreneurs and veterans.

We created this mastermind to solve a massive problem in the United States: veterans are almost twice as likely as their civilian counterparts to be unemployed or underemployed.

This is unacceptable.

Our goal with High Speed Elite is to create a community of veterans like you that support and empower each other so you can finally get the job and lifestyle you deserve. Combine that with a massive amount of resources, office calls and one-on-one training, and we're sure you'll succeed.

Jason West

Marine Corps Veteran and
Founder of Officers Eat Last

Hi, Jason West here, founder of Officers Eat Last and co-founder here at Founder to Freedom.

I'm an entrepreneur and I know how hard it is to grow and scale a business.


Retired LtCol, USMC


Created and sold a business.

Father with three kids.

Alabama fan and alum




So for those wondering if this mastermind is for you, let me say this: you can find success on your own, but why waste so much time and effort by yourself? We're here to help you out so you can succeed just like us but without the painful mistakes both Antonio and I had to learn the hard way.

Don't hesitate - join us today.

What You Get When You Join

 High Speed Elite:

Elite Mastermind Groups


No more going it alone.

When you join High Speed Elite, you join an exclusive group of veterans who believe in collaboration and helping each other out. Not only that, you’ll be encouraged to form your own unique mastermind groups within High Speed Elite for more personal accountability and teamwork.

Office Hours


Don’t have time to search for hours trying to find the solution to a problem you're having? No worries – just jump in on one of our weekly Office Hours where successful veterans share their most important tips, tricks and techniques for succeeding in the civilian world.



Goal Setting And Accountability


Goals are only as good as our ability to reach them. That's why we've developed a goal setting and accountability system just for High Speed Elite members. You plug in your goals and timeline, and we'll keep you accountable throughout the process.

No more wishing and hoping for a better life. Set your goals and we'll help you create a better life.

Live Training


Learn how to create an actionable, one-page business model. Learn how to create a website that converts traffic into buyers. Learn advanced marketing and sales strategies used by million dollar businesses (like John's own Entrepreneur On Fire)


Monthly Webinars

Monthly Webinars Where You Can Learn Advanced Business Building Skills From Proven Entrepreneurs

  • Advanced Networking
    How to connect with top influencers and MVPs and how to develop these connections into meaningful, lucrative business relationships and partnerships

  • Product Development and Launching
    How to create a product from scratch, validate it cheaply so you know people want it, and launch it for a premium

  • Start-Up Toolkit
    The tools you need to start a profitable business, including how to develop your business plan, how to create a website, develop a blog that converts readers into customers, and much more

  • High Speed Elite Training Library Access

    Dozens of courses and hundreds of HD video training lessons on topics ranging from networking to product development to business plan development to growth hacking and beyond. We will continue to add to this library every month with new content.

  • High Speed Elite Live Training

    Live Group Training Calls once a month to focus on the topics YOU decide. Get all your questions answered by Antonio, John and Tom (with special guest appearances from experts in various industries and fields).

  • Exclusive High Speed Elite Community

    A private and exclusive Facebook group where HSE members can help one another learn, grow, and succeed in business and life. This private group will allow you to lean into and leverage your own personal army of high speed veterans.

  • High Speed Elite Veteran Network and Job Search Board (Beta)

    We’re putting together a hand selected group of businesses and organizations that are looking for talented veterans from every industry (this will also include collaborative opportunities for those looking for new business opportunities). This board is in pre-beta right now. We will continue to add to and expand this program based on your feedback.

  • High Speed Elite Accountability Groups

    In High Speed Elite, we have a 100% support policy. Not only will you be able to participate in monthly calls with Antonio, John and Tom, but we’ll facilitate support and accountability calls between ALL members of High Speed Elite. Every member of High Speed Elite is essential, and our goal is to make sure everyone succeeds – that means connecting with one another and holding each other accountable.

  • Interviews with Experts

    Every month we interview subject matter experts on important topics to you. From these interviews, you’ll learn advanced business techniques, how to rapidly build and launch products, how to build an affiliate network, how to create a sales funnel, and more.

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What People Are Saying About High Speed Elite

John, Tom, and Antonio have created an amazing place for veterans with HighSpeedElite.com! The education, connection, and daily inspiration is the best on offer for veterans anywhere. I am honored to be a part of this community.

- Gavin McCuley

Tom Morkes, Antonio Centeno, and John Lee Dumas are highly respected veterans and are incredibly successful in all of their post-military endeavours. I've collaborated with each of them on a number of projects and they're knowledge & ambition impress me. I highly recommend High Speed Elite for any veteran looking to succeed in the civilian world.

- Timothy Lawson

In Summary High Speed Elite Includes:

  • Access To An Exclusive Veterans Mastermind Community
  • High Speed Elite Training Library Access
  • Monthly High Speed Elite Live Training
  • Exclusive High Speed Elite Veteran Community and Forum
  • Interviews with Subject Matter Experts
  • Lifetime Access to the Private HSE Alumni Facebook Group
  • HSE Veteran Network and Job Search Board *beta*
  • Twice per Month HSE Mastermind Group Calls + Direct Email Access to Antonio, John and Tom
  • Elite Mastermind
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